DarkRP Official Rules - Updated 5/16/2020


Dec 14, 2019
-----General Rules-----
1. Read job descriptions
- Job descriptions provide individual rules and can/cannot do's for each job.
2. Do not RDM
- Random Deathmatch - Randomly damaging or killing people without a valid reason.
3. Do not RDA
- Random Arrest - Randomly arresting players without a valid reason.
4. Do not LTAP
Example: Leaving while jailed, Leaving during a sit.
Leaving before a staff sit is over, is an admission of guilt and punishment will be given.
5. Do not LTARP or LTAP
- Leaving to avoid an RP situation such as a raid/mug/kidnap.
- Leaving to avoid punishment.
6. Do not FDA
Do not open fading doors with key binds or buttons to damage players or cancel a lockpick/keypad crack.
7. Do not FailRP
- Failing to act in the realistic realm of your job. Ex: President mugging people.
8. Do not break FearRP
Failing to fear for one's life. Ex if weapon not drawn and at gunpoint, you must comply with demands.
10. Do not Prop Abuse
- Abusing your props by spamming, blocking, killing, surfing, or pushing.
11. Do not NLR
New Life Rule, if you have died due to a valid RP reason you may not return to that area for 3 mins.
- You may not return to your base after dying in a raid until the raid is finished
12. Do not Minge
- Trolling or being ignorant of the rules, and/or annoying to a point where it affects RP.
13. Do not Exploit
- Finding an exploit or bug is one thing, abusing it for your own gain will not be tolerated.
14. Do not Hack
- Hacking of any kind will result in a ban.
13. Do not Threaten Players or the Server
Any threats to Dox, DOS, DDOS, or any other form of threat will result in a ban.
15. Do not Impersonate Staff
Impersonating staff will result in a ban.
16. Do not Disrespect or Disobey staff
Regardless of the situation if you disagree or not staff word is final, if you feel something was in the wrong, record the sit and report it on the forums.
17. Do not make False Sits
- Example: "Give me money!", "Fuck me daddy", ETC
- Use @ for questions
- Use !report to open a staff sit against a player
18. Do not Advertise
- .TTV or .YT names are OK
- .Mixer is not OK Wink
- Advertising of any other form will not be tolerated
19. Do not Scam
- Example: Taking money for a shipment and not giving the player his shipment
20. Abusing Crossfire
- Crossfire is ONLY to be used when you are in the middle of adverted roleplay such as a raid, mug, etc.
- Crossfire MUST be called or it will be considered RDM.
- Adverting Crossfire doesn't get you off the hook and you can still be punished for rdm.
21. Do not Loophole
- Attempting to bend rules in your favor or to avoid punishment will only increase your punishment.

-----Building/Basing Rules-----
1. Do not raid/bother a base with a building sign.
2. Building signs have no time limit.
3. If you have a building sign you may NOT have any entities in your base.
4. You may only have 1 base.
5. Sky bases are not allowed.
6. Bases with any crouch or jumping required are not allowed.
7. Angle bases where players can't shoot back are not allowed, raiders must be able to see defenders from the chest up.
8. Black Out bases are not allowed. (All Props being the same material on the left/right/up/and down).
9. Shooting through one way or no collided prop is not allowed.
10. Prop blocking entities or prisoners is not allowed.
11. Double fading doors making lockpicking to get inside impossible is not allowed.
12. Your base may not extend into the streets unless suspended from a window and doesn't interfere with players or vehicles.
13. Tunnel bases are allowed as long as players can get through uninterrupted.
14. You may not place false keypads to trick players or hide your keypads.
15. Bases may only have 6 total turns.
16. All bases must have at least one clear entrance.
17. Your base entrance cannot have any more than 3 fading doors.
18. If you have more than one entrance the total amount of fading doors cannot exceed three.
19. Buttons may not be used for entrances. (The 3 Fading doors to get inside)
20. You may have 2 rooms with fading doors.
21. All keypads must be active for at least 5 seconds
22. Your keypads may not have any delay at all.
23. You may have 3 buttons linked to fading doors that are not linked to keypads.
24. Buttons may not be used for entrances. (The 3 Fading doors to get inside)
25. There must be enough room to fit 1 player behind you.
26. Both players must be able to see each other during combat.
27. Shooting Openings must be big enough for both the raider and the defender to shoot through.
28. Your builds cannot affect a player's movement speed.
29. You cannot build in the streets unless your job lets you.
30. All fading doors must have keypads on both sides.
31. "Pixel Perfect Entrances" are not allowed, you should be able to walk into a space just as easy as it is to leave the space. There is no reason I should have to look into a specific area to enter any part of your base.
32. "Pixel Perfect Fading Doors" are not allowed, you should be able to walk up and lockpick with ease. Putting props to hide a fading doors location or any way of making lockpicking inconvenient is not allowed.
33. All fading doors must be lock pickable.
34. You may not have a base inside the fountain gates.
35. Base entrances may not contain flashing props, or hard to see through materials that affect raiders ability to see the defender.
36. You may not use No Collide in your base

-----Raiding Rules-----
1. You may not begin raid until you have adverted "raid" or "raid assist".
2. Raiding can last up to 15 mins for a regular base.
3. Raiding can last up to 30 mins for a megabase.
4. You must wait for 10 mins. before raiding the SAME person.
5. You may not raid just to kill players, if they have no entities that is fine but calling raid just to kill is not.
7. Bank raids and PD raids must be properly labeled as "Bank Raid" and "PD Raid".
8. Using a player's keypad code to raid is not allowed.
9. You may not advert "Party Raid" you must either be the one to advert "Raid" or "Raid Assist".
10. You must actively participate in the raid
11. If you die during a raid you may not come back until the raid is OVER regardless of NLR time re-read raiding rule #2.
12. You must advert raid outside of the base that you intend to raid.
13. You cannot counter a raid if you have a cooldown for raiding that base.
14. You may not edit your base in any way during an active raid. (Ex. Opening and closing a garage door.)
15. You may not leave during a raid or it will be considered LTARP

-----Mega Basing Rules-----
1. You must ask for a staff member's permission before starting a megabase.
2. You must have a minimum of 5 players in a party at all times to have a megabase.
3. All 5+ players must be jobs that can base together
4. If your party goes under 5 players and you have a megabase claimed then you have 10 mins. to get back to 5 or more players or the base will be deleted.
5. There is only 1 zones and (In the ghettos by the strip club and basketball court).
6. You must have a text screen stating you are a megabase.
7. All doors must be owned within the megabase.

-----Squad/Party Rules-----
1. Squads are considered Parties.
2. If someone begins Raiding/Mugging/Kidnapping/Stealing/Damaging/Arresting one of your squad members you may KOS.
3. You do not have to advert counter/assisted.
4. NLR Still applies, you cannot go help your squad member if it means you break NLR.
5. Allied squads do not have the same rights to defend your clan members as you do.
6. Allied squads cannot help you with Raiding/Mugging/Kidnapping/Stealing/Damaging/Arresting unless they advert counter/assist.
7. Allied squads cannot help you with defending territories (Read Territory Rules)
8. Squad names & ranks may not contain Racism.

-----Genetic Engineer Rules-----
1. You may use your fences to setup a virus check anywhere on the map that is public
2. If a player walked through and is has a virus, you may foce him into quarantine
3. If the player doesn't submit to going to quarantine Then he is AOS
4. If the player resist arrest then he is KOS
5. The Player must stay in quarantine until he/she has lost the virus
6. Quarantine locations must be in the PD or a nearby base that the Genetic Engineer owns
7. Each quarantined player must be separate from each other to avoid becoming sick again
8. If the Genetic Engineer wants to take your DNA he must ask for permission, if he sticks you without consent he is KOS

-----Clan Wars-----
1. Only high ranking members can initiate clan wars between each other (Clan Moderation Roles).
2. The leading Clan members are expected to have a timer set to prevent clan wars going over the time limit.
2. To initiate a Clan War you must go through the following steps.
- 1st: Your Advert "Clan War Request: YOURCLANNAME vs. ENEMYCLANNAME"
- 2nd: Enemy Clan Advert: "Clan War Accept: YOUCLANNAME vs. ENEMYCLANNAME"
- 3rd: The second that the war is accepted you may PvP the enemy clan for up to 30 mins.
- 4th: To end a gang war earlier you must advert "YOURCLANNAME Surrenders vs. ENEMYCLANNAME"
- 5th: If no clan has surrendered and the time limit (30 mins) has been reached then both clans must advert "YOURCLANNAME Draws vs ENEMYCLANNAME"
3. Clan wars must STRICTLY follow the above formats exactly or the clan war cannot begin and everything will be considered RDM.
4. If you kill players other than the enemy clan you are LIABLE so THINK BEFORE YOU SHOOT.

-----Territory Rules-----
1. Once you walk inside the flag zone you are KOS by the owning clan.
2. Attackers my not engage in combat until fired at or if both Attackers/Defenders are inside the Flag Zone.
3. If you are a attacker and the defenders shoot at you from outside the box, only then can you fire back.
4. If you are a defender and die defending your flag then you must wait NLR and no you may not shoot them from outside the circle at all.
5. You must advert "Takeover" before going in and then over afterwards.
6. There are no cooldowns on Takeovers as long as you don't have NLR for the flag.
7. There is NLR it is 100% NLR if you die at a flag location and come back within 3 mins.
8. You are not permitted to build in or near flag zones as any jobs (Including Hobos).
9. You are only allowed to capture points as jobs that can Raid.
10. If your clan owns a capture point and you are on a "Non Raiding" job you may defend your flag zone.
11. During care packages you may not kill outside your flag zone at "Fountain".
12. You are AOS to all Government jobs during Takeovers or defending your flag zone.

-----Kos Signs/Lines Rules-----
1. Use common sense when making a KOS lines.
2. KOS lines may not exceed the sidewalk.
3. KOS lines must be COMPLETELY visible.
4. The only valid reason you can have is "Kos If Passed Line" all other reasons are not allowed.

-----Advert Rules-----
1. If you are adverting an RP event, it must be clearly stated in your advert.
2. You cannot have multiple events in one bind. (Ex: Raid/Mug/Assist]
3. You can have multi binds such as Raid/Raid Assist but not Raid/Raid Assist/Mug etc.
4. In order to raid the police department/bank you must use "PD Raid", "PD Assist", "Bank Raid", or "Bank Raid Assist".
5. When warning a player it must be for a valid reason.
6. You must warn a player 3 times before dealing damage
7. If the player backs away during a warn you must stop warning until they move back towards you.
8. You must wait 3 seconds between each warning.
9. The person you are warning must know you are doing so.
10. After each RP event, you must advert over.

-----Mugging Rules-----
1. The max mug is 5k.
2. In order to mug, you must advert "mug" followed by the amount you want to be dropped.
3. You cannot mug anyone if they have weapons out. (FailRP)
4. You can not mug hobos/pets/government.
5. Mugs can have special commands like "KOS if running away" or "KOS if you ask for help" but must be included in the advert. Abusing this will not be tolerated.
6. The victim must know 100% that he/she is being mugged.
7. The victim has 10 seconds to respond.
8. You may not kill the player being mugged if they give you the correct amount of money.
9. You must wait 10 minutes before you can mug the SAME person again.
10. You must wait 5 minutes before you can mug ANYONE again.

1. Kidnappings must be averted.
2. There is no cooldown between each kidnapping.
3. You cannot kidnap the same person again for 15 minutes.
4. If you attempted kidnapping on a player and you over/false the cooldown for that player is 15 mins.
5. You may not hold the kidnapped person for over 10 minutes.
6. The maximum kidnapping ransom is $100,000.
7. You may not kidnap someone that has a weapon out, otherwise, this is classed as FailRP.
8. You may not have more than 1 player kidnapped at a time.

-----Counter Rules-----
1. You must advert the counter.
2. You can counter any RP event however, it must fall within your role Ex. Thief can counter a Raid because he can raid.
3. You must wait 5 minutes to counter the same person.
4. Countering has no cooldown
5. You can not counter the Government conducting a raid.

-----Stealing Rules-----
1. You must advert steal.
2. You may/can steal any entity.
3. There is no cooldown for stealing
4. If the victim fights back you can kill him and whatever he drops is also yours.
5. You may KOS anyone, who is stealing your stuff

-----Government Rules-----
1. These rules only apply if you are a government job.
2. You may only base in the Police Department.
3. You may not have any illegal entities.
4. You may only weapon check people if they are in the Police Department.
5. You must follow the laws of the president. The only exception to this if the law is against the rules.
6. The front doors of the PD/Bank may not be locked unless there is a lockdown.
7. You may break NLR during PD Raids and Bank Raids
8. It is AOS past the second door of the PD/Bank, but you may add KOS as well in the laws or a text screen w/ line.
9. You may be corrupt but can be demoted because of it.
10. You may not issue false warrants or make players wanted falsely.

-----Mayor Lawboard Rules-----
1. All laws must be for a VALID RP reason.
2. No law can be allow "KOS".

-----Chat/Voice Chat Rules-----
1. N*gga is allowed.
2. Any racism will not be tolerated. Ex. N**GER
3. Do not spam chat or voice chat
4. Do not abuse your mic in a minge way
5. Do not ask staff for ranks or money.

1. You’re not allowed to ask someone if they can put a hit on a specific player.
2. You’re not allowed to work/base with anyone.
3. You're not allowed to raid unless you are a hitman class that can.
4. You're not allowed to kill your hit if the person is building.
5. You're not allowed to assist a hitman or revenge their death.

-----Nuke Rules-----
1. Government jobs may warrant the base containing the nuke based on the owners of the doors/sound/distance
2. NLR rule doesn't apply to attacking the base with the nuke.
3. All raiding and government jobs can attack the base to defuse but cannot kill anyone but the members of the base.
4. If you kill/damage a player that is not apart of the base with the nuke it may be considered RDM.
5. Government jobs may not arrest other players for trying to raid the base with the nuke in it.

-----Bank Heist Rules-----
1. You must advert "Heist" or "Heist Assist"
2. Heist may only last 10 mins then you must advert over.
3. Government Jobs and the Bank Guard can break NLR at the bank during a Heist.

-----Care Package Rules-----
1. Supply drops spawn inside of the fountain fence every 30-90 mins.
2. When an airdrop has landed you may kill everyone inside the fountain fence until the drop has been looted.
3. Combat MAY NOT START until the airdrop has fully landed.
4. You may break NLR in the fountain fence area until the drop has been looted.
5. If a player is inside the fountain fence and walks after being shot you can finish your combat. (We can see this in logs)
6. Once the loot box has despawned no more combat may continue, if you are mid-combat finish it out and move on anything else will be considered RDM.
7. If you would like to participate in pvp you must be inside the fountain area meaning shooting from the outside in is not allowed.
8. Combat can only happen inside the fence gates at the fountain, being on the.
9. Sidewalk camping puts you at risk of crossfire and you may not fight from the sidewalk.
10. Only classes that have the ability to raid may participate in Care Packages

-----Mining Rules-----
1. You may not mug/kidnap/kill/etc players that are these jobs.

-----Terror Rules-----
1. You must advert before initiating a terror.
2. You may not terror with any other weapon that the Jihad bomb.
3. You must wait 10 min in between each terror.
4. You may not terror inside a players base or run inside while terrorising.

1. You may mic spam.
2. If you mic spam ear rape it is up to a staff member's discretion to punish for minge.
3. You may build on sidewalks and in the streets.
4. If you build in the streets it may not block anything.

-----Lightsaber Rules-----
1. You cannot kill someone with a lightsaber or lightsaber abilities through a wall.
2. You may not be arrested for having your lightsaber out.

-----Custom Class Rules-----
1. You may load models that are smaller than normal height but you may not raid/mug/kidnap/or anything RP action with it equiped.
2. Racist or abusive models are not allowed and will get you banned and lose access to loading models.

-----Staff Sit Rules-----
1. When someone/you are in a sit, RP does not apply.
2. If you have a hit on a player you may not kill the player if they are in a sit.
3. LTAP or running away from the sit will only increase your punishment.

-----Streaming Rules-----
1. Stream sniping is against the rules if it can be accurately determined if the person is stream sniping.
2. Any type of targeted harassment against streamers to either ruin their stream or attempt to get them banned will result in a ban.
3. Metagaming because of a stream is against the rules and will result in a ban.
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