DarkRP Update 6.6

Smokes Servers

Staff member
Sep 8, 2021
Currency Exchange (New)
- Swap DarkRP Money -> Credits with the NPC found in spawn!
- Each day a new value will be chosen randomly between $7k -> $15k which will determine how much the Exchange will be selling each credit for.
- The same thing will take place for the amount of credits sold each day.
- Once the Exchange is sold out of credits it will close for the day.

Factions (New)
- This system is very advanced compared to our previous gangs and allows us easy customization on the idea and the ability to host faction events!
- There has been many upgrades to existing features such as territories, they are now a visible circle and when entered they start capping for you automatically.
- When you cap a territory your faction color and logo will be displayed above it.
- When creating a faction you now have the option to make it public or private.
- By default factions can have 5 members and can upgrade endless to have more slots.
- There is now a diverse skill tree for your faction to unlock including perks, boosts, and permanent weapons.
- You can now see where your faction ranks out of all others with the new leaderboards.
- Complete reward missions to earn money and XP for your faction.
- You can now see what faction someone is in & their rank in it by looking at them in-game!

Air Drops (Bug Fix)
- A fix to the glitch that turns your game text to enchantment table mode has been attempted.