DarkRP Update 6.3

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Sep 8, 2021
Chop Shop (New)
- Stealing goKarts can now be your new carrer path!
- Located at the Gas Station in Suburbs you will now find a chop shop & NPC.
- Drive stolen goKarts into the machine and use the screen to start the process.
- The NPC standing next to the machine offers rewards for stealing specific goKarts.
Furniture (New)
- You can now purchase varies pieces of furniture to decorate your space.
- All current pieces of furniture are interactive and can be sat or laid on!
- Furniture can be purchased from the F4 menu!
Drug Dealer (New)
- This new job is exactly what you think it is.
- Sell a list of different illegal drugs to people to get high!

Bloodz/Cripz/Mafia (New)
- These jobs all now can sell drugs as well.
Hobo Equipment (New)
- As a hobo you can now spawn a donation crate and beg for money.
- The hobo can now spawn a house to live in on the streets.
- Both items are free of charge!
Boxing Arena (New)
- You can now 1v1 people for money in an organized fighting arena.
- This is currently located at the mansion & is in beta.
- Gamble money at your own risk some people may be able to glitch in weapons!!

Banker (Update)
- The max amount of money a banker can make per hour can reach up to $1.5 million
- Minimum deposits have been raised to $100k and max deposits have been raised to $500k
- Money can grow for the investor up to $1 million
F4 Menu (Update)
- Organized the "Items" section of the menu.
Air Drop (Fixed)
- Fixed a bug where the icon for the drop was not being removed.
Russian Roulette (Fixed)
- Fixed a bug causing the weapon to not be dropped.
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