DarkRP Update 6.2

Smokes Servers

Staff member
Sep 8, 2021
Custom Classes (New)
- Our CC packages have been revamped, check it out live on the shop!
- If you already own a CC you will be grand fathered in and the items you have you will keep.
- If you wish to update your CC to the new standard feel free to make a ticket.

F4 Menu (Changed)
- Now when a staff member is deemed AFK they will no longer display in the F4 menu.

Unboxing (Fixed)
- Credit cases are now purchasable again!
- Fixed an issue with the 1887 shotgun case.

Weed Growing (Fixed)
- Fixed a issue with physgunning certain weed entities.

Crafting (Fixed)
- Fixed a issue with crafting not giving the correct items.

Mining (Fixed)
- Made it impossible to arrest someone while they are mining.