DarkRP Update 6.0

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Sep 8, 2021
Go-Karts (New)
- If you have been playing for a few months this may not be new to you but it is good news!
- goKarts have made their return to the server and are back in action as they were before.
- If you aren't familiar with our go karts, you can purchase them with in-game money from the garage near PD.
- Once purchased you can buy upgrades & customize your kart to your liking.
Racing (New)
- Racing is now an option for players to bet their money in head-to-head matches.
- Players can bet in-game money or credits on a variety of different races found around the map.
- You must be a goKart owner in order to compete in a race!
Pickpocket Swep (New)
- This new swep is given to all thieves by default and can also be acquired from air drops & the in-game store.
- Catch people lacking and steal money right out of their pockets!
- Spam click to increase the speed that you pickpocket at.
Soundboard (New)
- Added a new sound under the meme section named "RDM RDM RDM"
- Added a new sound under the music section named "TROLOL"
Collectibles (New)
- A few new items that you can acquire have been added to the airdrop.
- Be on the hunt for the "Russian Roulette" and a few others!
In-Game Store (Changes)
- All Perma Weapon Prices have been reduced by half.
Unboxing (Changes)
- All crates no longer require a key!
- Prices for all crates have been modified.
Custom Classes (New)
- All newly purchased & edit requests have been implemented!
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